What we currently offer:

  • Toroids: Lower part cost with higher efficiency.

C-cores: Lower assembly costs are a benefit to c-cores but at a higher part cost and lower efficiency.

Single phase and three phase

Laminations: We have competitive prices on strip laminations and smaller quantities of special sizes.

Special Configurations: Custom work is no problem for us.

Customer service is our specialty:

Flexible ordering options:

No minimum order and the ability to handle large quantities. Blanket ordering (kanban) options available. In house slitting and tooling production along with a large inventory reduce turn around times. We can offer suggestions on improving pricing, optimizing performance, and reducing lead times.

A complete range of sizes and options:

We have produced cores from a few ounces to a few thousand pounds. Strip widths range from 0.125” up to 34” depending on the material. We offer several processing options including bonding, slotting, gapping, powder coating and annealing. See the “Processes” section of this web site for more details. Custom machining and assembly work available. We have a large selection of stock cores readily available at reduced prices. These present a more cost effective option and help for quick delivery for small quantity orders and R & D work.

All available types of silicon steel:

We stock most common types of silicon steel from 0.002” to 0.018” thick and have worked with grades from 0.001” to 0.025” thick. We have our own slitting lines which improves delivery on odd sizes. We can provide silicon steel at competitive prices for quantities below mill minimums.

No copper winding: we don’t compete with our customers.