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Since 1967, Electro-Core, Inc. has been producing quality silicon steel magnetic core products for commercial, medical and defense industries. Our St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area facility is centrally located within the continental United States with production and customer service together under one roof.

Our principle product lines include all types of tape wound silicon steel cores. Common core types include toroidal wound, rectangular wound, single and three phase c-cores, distributed gap, gapped and stepped cross section cores. We also have the capability to quickly produce small runs of “I” laminations and laser cut laminations as well as secondary assembly and machining operations. We can supply small (< 10000 pounds) quantities of silicon steel at competitive prices to steel service centers. At this time we do not offer any other core materials such as powder iron / ferrite, nickel alloy or amorphous materials. We do not and will not offer copper winding, as this is the domain of our customers and to infringe upon this relationship would be a serious conflict of interest.

Applications for our products include power transformers, current transformers, high voltage transformers, inductors, chokes, shunts, solenoids and shielding material. Silicon steel cores have been used on applications from DC up through 100Khz. Flux densities can be pushed to the 20 Kilogauss (2 Tesla) range. Most of the magnetic test information that is readily available is for the power applications of 60 Hz – 1 Khz. However, with in house testing facilities, Electro-Core can provide performance data for special applications.

We can offer quick delivery on non-stock items with our wide range of stock silicon steels, in house slitting capability, and a large inventory of tooling for a variety of core types and sizes. Our finished product inventory covers a wide variety of sizes and configurations and is an excellent resource for prototyping and small quantity orders.

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